• ViCANdo, a suite of products
  • All aspects of ADAS/AD development
  • Algorithms, Simulation, Middleware, Apps
  • HIL, SIL, LAB, ROAD test
  • In one consistent tool suite
  • Code to the road = Faster than ever
  • Cross platforms, OTA enabled
  • ViCANdo产品系列覆盖ADAS/AD开发的各个方面
  • 算法、仿真、中间件、应用
  • 软件在环(SIL)、硬件在环(HIL) 、实验室(LAB)、道路(ROAD)测试
  • 跨操作平台、支持空中下载技术(OTA)

Simulation 仿真Covers all aspects of ADAS development 覆盖ADAS开发的各个方面Analysis 分析Fleet testing 车队测试

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About Zuragon

Zuragon was founded by a team committed to a disruptive change of the way the industry worked with development and test systems for AD/ADAS.

Zuragon是由一个致力于改变高级驾驶员辅助系统ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistance System)开发和测试系统行业的工作方式的团队成立。

By introducing step by a step a consistent family of products reutilizing the power of multi-OS design, ADAS knowledge and open source computer vision technology hand in hand with established standard technologies, Zuragon can today offer a suite of products that assists in ADAS development from concept to code on the road.

Zuragon开发的产品使用跨操作系统平台设计, 丰富的ADAS知识以及开源计算机视觉技术和已经建立的行业标准技术,可以协助整车厂研发团队快速高效开发ADAS系统, 缩短从代码到道路测试的时间技术成本。

Engineering excellence is our motto.


Latest news

Zuragon and Harman in Strategic co-operation

Posted by | November 4

ZURAGON_HARMAN_Strategic Co-Operation_Web

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ViCANdo supports Leddartech Lidars

Posted by | September 8

ViCANdo support Leddartech lidars. Main features: – Fusion of Lidar signals into Video Windows – Birds Eye view on hits – Plot of distance and other target data into existing ViCANdo windows – Logging and real time replay of CAN and Ethernet Lidar data

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Zuragon to Exhibit and speak at Autonomous Vehicle Test and Development in October

Posted by | August 10

Meet us there: http://www.autonomousvehiclesymposium.com/detroit/

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ViCANdo is a suite of products that covers the full cycle of ADAS development. From the first day of algorithm development, through simulation and code generation to, HIL, SIL, LAB tests to road tests and full vehicle road validation. ViCANSim, ViCANdo, ViCANlog, ViCANdroid all cover different aspects of the different stages in development. Get your application on the road faster than ever with less hassle using ViCANSim middleware and simulation tool suite. Evaluate common technologies, sensors, and try out your ideas using, Windows, Android apps or Linux based functions, applied in ViCANdo. Test your ECU´s and complete vehicles in lab or at the road using ViCANlog and ViCANdroid.

Check out the Hardware Matrix here: Hardware Matrix

It is constantly updated with new hardware

ViCANdo has an open SDK that allows the creation of custom interfaces and sources, but also enables the use of the Algorithms under development as a high performance part of ViCANdo itself, executed with very high performance. Either by using the Matlab/Simulink (TM) Extension in ViCANSim or by utilizing the built in simulation engines for network simulation or video algorithm development following the widely accepted standard OpenCV.

Read more about OpenCV here: OpenCV

Read more about Mathworks (TM) ADAS input here: Matlab

The documentation of the ViCANdo SDK can be found here: ViCANdo SDK Manual

To get more in-depth information about the SDK and/or ViCANdo suite´s multiplatform performance and its capabilities, please get in touch with your local Zuragon contact.


Synchronous vehicle data

Applications and Advantages

Why Vicando?

Architected for BIG Data



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“We developed our own applications for diagnostics and EOL without any problems, after one day of training from Zuragon”.

“We are very happy with our decision to choose ViCANdo”.

Senior Manager at a European OEM, 25 years of experience in the Automotive Electronics


“Flexibility for the future was important to us as we didn´t know which technologies that could evolve during the project”.

“Openness and flexibility was kind of our key words for picking a tool chain. We couldn´t decide to put our faith 100% in the hands of others”.

Senior Manager at an Asian Tiere 1, 19 years of experience in the Automotive Electronics field

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ViCANdo是一套涵盖ADAS开发完整周期的简单易用的车载总线和多媒体数据分析软件。ViCANdo 采用了优化的算法将所有的数据采集源集中在同一款软件中, 生成一份包含所有数据的记录文件。让工程师的后期数据分析变得简单而高效。 ViCANSimViCANdoViCANlog 以及ViCANdroid涵盖了ADAS系统开发周期中的各个阶段和各个方面: 从算法开发仿真和代码生成、硬件在环(HiL) 、软件在环(SiL)、实验室(LAB)测试到道路测试和整车路测验证。


使用ViCANSim中间件和仿真工具套件,让您的应用程序比以往更加快捷。ViCANdo可以让您在各个操作系统评估常用技术,传感器,尝试您的想法, 无论您使用的是微软Windows、安卓Android、还是Linux操作系统。ViCANlog和ViCANdroid可以帮助您在实验室或道路上测试您的ECU或者整车。


查看ViCANdo支持的硬件: ViCANdo硬件矩阵


查看ViCANdo的使用手册: ViCANdo使用手册




ViCANdo有一个开放的SDK,用户可以创建自定义的接口和源代码,但也可以使用正在开发的算法作为ViCANdo自身的高性能部分,并以非常高的性能执行。无论是通过在ViCANSim中使用Matlab / Simulink(TM)扩展,还是通过使用内置的仿真引擎进行网络仿真或视频算法开发,并遵循广泛接受的标准OpenCV。






查看ViCANdo SDK的文档:SDK Manual